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2023-03-02 00:50:16 By : Ms. Ava Yang

While it’s never dull, the Boveda booth seems a lot busier at PCA 2022 than I recall it in the past, even spilling out into the aisles in a manner that seems quite a bit different. What’s even more impressive is the amount of work. There are more than a dozen Boveda employees here in Las Vegas, and the energy is obvious.

While Boveda is best known for its eponymous humidification packets that are a staple at halfwheel, the company is in a variety of industries. Because of that, I am willing to bet that no company exhibiting at PCA 2022 does more trade shows in a year than Boveda. Acrylic Storage Box For Cigar

PCA 2022: Boveda | halfwheel

I spotted two of those dozen employees before entering the booth itself. At the back of the booth, Boveda’s Box Press podcast was recording a podcast live on the trade show floor with a video set up that is very impressive. It’s one of the more impressive features of the trade show booth, and a good reminder that it doesn’t just have to be about sales, sales, sales.

More than five years ago I was told that Boveda was planning a special humidor to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, a piece that would be created for the company itself and maybe some of its friends. That project took longer than expected and it’s now finally here as the Boveda 25th Anniversary humidor. It’s just awesome with some really cool small touches that pay tribute to the company in clever ways.

This is an Elie Bleu-made humidor and it’s a substantial one at that. If you look at the picture at the top of the post, you can see the logo on the lid of the humidor, which features medals that have the state of Minnesota (Boveda’s home), the company’s previous logos and references to the various industries the company sells products for, including a marijuana leaf on the bottom right. At the two sides of the humidor you can actually see a mandolin.

The humidor isn’t finished yet. The blue on the lid will get updated to better match the company’s blue color. There’s likely to be some changes to the inside lid, including something that could allow for the 320-gram Boveda packs to be removed a bit easier. Perhaps the largest change will be the interior, which will feature two trays instead of the one you see in these pictures.

Boveda is making 25 numbered pieces. Some of them will be kept by the company, others will be used for charity auctions, and the company says it will likely sell a small number of them. Though it doesn’t know the price yet, it’s not going to be a $5,000 humidor. It’s a stunning piece and one that I’d really like to own, one day.

After filming this video, Rocky Patel said he is buying one.

I’ve been told that these are being discontinued, so if you want one, buy one soon. I’m not thrilled to see this happen as I’ve long been a fan of both versions of the Boveda Acrylic Humidor, one of the few foolproof desktop humidors ever sold. Boveda says it still has some remaining in inventory, but once they are gone, they are gone.

PCA 2022: Boveda | halfwheel

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